Erasmus Mundus Food of Life 2011/2012

EM Food of Life is part of the Erasmus Mundus programme initiated by the European Commission to enhance and promote European higher education throughout the world. The two-year Masters Course builts on the expertise of four European universities:

* University of Copenhagen, UC
* Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU
* Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB
* University of Helsinki, UH

Integration of Animal Science and Food Science and Technology

EM Food of Life is a cross-disciplinary Masters Course in the science of animal-derived foods. In a unique way, the course combines animal science and food science and technology focusing on social as well as cultural and, of course, scientific aspects of the food production chain.

What will I study?

Through the EM Food of Life Masters Course, you will acquire basic theoretical knowledge, practical techonologies, and research and development methodologies preparing you for a career in the food production industries. You will work with topics such as:
* How to meet increased global requirements for meat and milk products
* How to deal with increased emphasis on product quality, proven health benefits for the consumer
* How to improve animal health and welfare reduced environment impact

Two Universities - Double Degree

As an EM Food of Life student, you must study in two of the consortium partner countries. If you hold an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, these two countries must be different from the country in which you obtained your last university degree.

You will also have the opportunity for a shorter study period in Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Italy.

The course is taught in English and leads to the award of a Double Degree (120 ECTS) in animal science and/or food science disciplines, depending on the choice of institutions.

EU funding

Every year 17-20 scholarships are available for Non-EU students (24.000 EUR/year) and EU students (10.000 EUR/year).

the application deadlines are 1 December 2010 for Category A applicants and 2 May 2011 for Category B applicants and scholars (established researchers and teachers) who wish to collaborate with EM Food of Life teaching.

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